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here we are definitely looking here we are definitely looking out forç you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: vl widen once called paying your taxes your patriotic duty. majority of americans believe their hard earned dollars are being wasted. new cnn survey shows 74% polled believes the government wastes tax dollars. 23% say some of their tax dollars are being misspent. 3% said not that much. americans are asking, does the government work for them or do they work for the government? today the labor department revealed more bad news for the economy. over a year after the president signed the stimulus bill into law, jobless claims still increasing. last week first time requests for benefits rose by 24,000, well over what analysts expected. higher than the previous week which saw 18,000 new claims. with analysis of those numbers
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and more we are joined by former presidential candidate host of the -- i can help myself, how are you? >> i had to fire her. she was getting too muchç attention. too much publicity. >> sean: are you serious? >> no, she had better things to do. >> sean: does the government work for the american people or do we work for the ? who is working for who here? >> well, tax freedom day was one day last week. we've been working up until now this time of the year for the government. that's when our taxes for the year -- sean just federal taxes, right? >> that's right. you got theç rest of it. the government has got to raise taxes. if we are going to have a social spending program like the europeans we have to have a tax program like the europeans too, apparently.
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fewer and fewer people are paying larger percentage of the tax burden, as you know almost half the people pay no income taxes at all. we are going to have more people in the wagon than pulling the wagon before lodge that is not going to work. those jobless numbers go hand-in-hand with those tax numbers. >> sean:ç i'm asking this question everywhere i've been, what does it mean where we have a voting electorate not paying taxes, 70 million americans are not paying any part of the federal next tax bill. 50% of american households. according to the gallup poll they seem to be fine with that what does that mean for the electorate? >> it is bad. we got a volunteer tax system. you heard harry reid say it is voluntary. >> sean: are you going to come visit me with a file in a cake?ç >> like harry is going to voluntarily leave the senate the end of this year.
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democrats say the most stupid things for their justification for what they are doing. the real unlying problem is, people don't fully realize that we don't tax wealth in this country, we tax income. and a lot of people are out there working hard and billing up to getting a pretty good income. higher tax rates on them. income rates going up, dividend, capital gains rates all going up before health care kicksç in. you know, this is going to -- i think that's what you are seeing in the streets of america today, we are trying to keep up with this runaway spending and we can never do that there's not enough rich people out there not even enough middle income people to keep up with it. >> sean: we start confiscating 70 to 91% we are still overspending in terms of what the government is spending. i've tried to make a case for
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a long time i think this was just find. they released the president and vice president's tax returns today.ç i'll give the president some credit, which might surprise some people. he gave away the nobel prize which he didn't deserve. he makes 5 1/2 million dollars about 6% of what makes he gave over to charity, fair enough. i make the case that liberals are only generous with other peopl[#íovjjáty how does joe biden get away with only giving away $48920 to charity? that doesn't seem impressive. >> i don't know. i don't mind so much what joe does with his own money as whp he does with mine. >> sean: that's a good line. >> people ought to give to charity, you know however they feel. some people give a lot of money to charity that doesn't show up on the tax forms as far as that's concerned. so i don't know about that but i know what he and the rest are doing to the hardworking
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people who don't come from much who work and get to where they are making decent money and all of a sudden they are the enemy. i think -- when you startç butchering the sheep going to kick up a fuss. >> sean: grow up in tennessee? >> how did you guess? >> sean: not the analogy we use in new york. when the bush tax cuts expire, -- we are going up to in this country at the top rate 50%, especially when they add this millionaire surtax. for people in new york and expensive states that is not the money a lot of people think that it is. there's a wall street journal piece today value added tax or consumptionç tax. rates start low and increase. if we follow the european model after all the spending in the administration, then add a national sales tax on top of all the income taxes
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then we to ask how do we create new wealth? how is anybody going to invest in business? >> i think you are seeing that play out now. uncertainty, higher taxes that are looming that are causing people to think. certain tax break if i keep my employment below a certain level. i'm not going to hire those extra people. i'm going to have to pay in much more in my taxç, small business people aren't the rich any more. anybody who works for a living will be considered to be the rich any more. i think that's definitely affecting the economy. it concerns me greatly. i think we are changing the face of america. i think this vat tax that europe has we are going to have european welfare system european tax system laid on top of the income tax in europe it averages 20%. it goes up, if you average all those european countries together you will find the history of them combined the tax guess up aboutç double. tax is about double now in
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those countries what it was when it first started. >> sean: how real do you think anti-tax movement is in the country? tea parties across the country today. we saw elections we didn't think we would see in massachusetts, virginia, new jersey. i want to get into specifics in the next segment. do you think the most is real, large an impact in november? >> yes. resoundingly to all those things. in '94 i was elected in a sweep. i thought iç was a brilliant politician didn't realize i was just part of a large group. a lot of people had 'em we all came in -- it was much, much later than this when we discovered that something special was going on in the country at that time. it is much greater. it started much sooner. i think these democrats are like a guy in the over the sea they see the tsunami and they
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know buddies are going to be on the beach when it hits the shore. people just not going to putç up with this, because the -- you hear a lot about the concern with spending. taxing is the other side of the coin that is the justification for the spending. spending is justification for the taxation. we are bankrupting our nation and we're -- bernanke head of the fed, volcker who i have a lot of respect for, for other reasons. other members of the administration now have discovered that we've got a fiscal problem in this country, after we passed health care. >> sean: after 2.4 trillion. >> yeah, all of a sudden the world is coming éo end volcker says we will be paying one trillion a year in interest payments. where were they when we were talking about the health care bill. >> sean: we'll talk politics we we get back. colonel north is here. he just returned from afghanistan. he has an important update on
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the war on terror. and an analysis of president obama's plans for withdrawal. we have our great, great american panel and much more straight ahead.
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>> sean: we continue with former presidential candidate host of the radio show fred
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thompson show. fred thompson is with us. politics, pundits will tell you this is a great year, great environment, republicans can take over the house, senate. why in the back of my head do i not like overconfidence with the idea that you feel that way i want that sense of urgency to continue in people. do you think republicans, conservatives can getç overconfident this election? >> i don't know. because, i don't remember being here before. it is like i said earlier, i don't ever remember being here this early before and feeling this strongly. it is not just the polls and the fact it is going to be a good year for the republicans like there's been good years for democrats. i think something fundamentally different is going on in our country. people perceive we are at a tipping point. we are going to be deciding in this next couple of elections, as to which direction we are going in. are weç going down that road we have never traveled before and slide into a comfortable
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complacency and mediocrity and have the government take more and more of our needs in this country and give up more freedoms and move further away from first principles, constitutional principles? america has never done that i don't think america is going to do that >> sean: expand on this. america is we can say cross roads, maybe a time for choosing, reagan and goldwater. you say a tipping point.ç explain what you think the two directions are? >> if we have more people on the receiving end of government. more people as the middle class becomes sucked in more and more to entitlement programs for example, we are going to be in a place where it is going to be hard to go back. it is going to be hard to take away stuff. it is not impossible. we are -- we have an opportunity to do something this year, starting this year in this country that has never
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been done before that is go halfway to a welfare state and turn aroundç go back. every country that i've studied that has gone down this road has gone down it. we are seeing it in europe, in weakness they can't pay for their own defense any more. that's one road. >> sean: let's say we take that road. predictable similar results is europe? predictable similar results as the decline of the soviet union to each according to his needs from each according to his ability, bankruptcy? >> we don't know. europe is still developing. look at what isç happening in greece. who would have predicted a year or two ago that greece would find itself essentially bankrupt with its hand outgoing around europe the poor man of europe with its hand out. europe feeling like it's got to bail them out because they are part of the eu and all that we don't know where all of that will lead.
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just the bailing out of that one country might lead to other ramifications. we don't know how high the tax rates can get there. we don't know how great the welfare state can be. we don't know to what extent they can pass law us. french areç passing law us and restricting free speech i never thought i would see in our lifetime. >> sean: put your pundit hat on, your adviser hat on. you have run senate races, you ran for president. you had a good run you had a lot of support i know you would have liked to have gone further. >> now that i'm out of it, i have become smarter, i have all the answers to the questions and solutions. >> sean: you say that half in jest. but you probably acquired a lot of wisdom in the course of these many campaigns. >> you would think so >> sean: iyuould hope so. i know you became a really good actor in law & order you were fantastic. i like reagan he's my
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political ion. i brief you cut taxes, unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, create jobs, people spend money. everybody prospers. 21 million new jobs. things go perfectly. i want the republican new conservative republican party to be that party of fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, strong national defense. let's be energyç independent and i think they win. am i too simplistic or is it that simple and easy? >> i think it is that simple and easy achieving it is not simple and easy. but results that you will achieve from it are clear. that is freedom and prosperity and strength. >> sean: you didn't get to this part of the question i was asking earlier, because i it can you off. explain what we give up? we keep saying, all right we are going to have this false security. my grandparents didn't have health care, daycare, safety net when they came from ireland at the turn of the last century,ç they had nothing.
12:18 am
my father grew up poor, he didn't have a lot. he was extraordinarily proud when i hired by the fox news channel. so the question i ask is, if we go down this security road, false security, i would call it, what do we give up -- how do we give up liberty, what does that mean when you say that? >> look at this health care bill. look at what is happening there. year' -- you are not going to have the same relationship with your doctor if you can find one, that you had before. your choicesç are diminished. the things that you can do with your own money, tax dollars taken away and spent for purposes -- >> sean: you are less you are less free. look at witnesses that come before congress some are bad guys a lot of times. i've interrogated my share car makers, bankers whoever is in the hot see the. all have one thing in common, they don't have what ollie
12:19 am
north had. they want to please and appease their tormenters. because they can't afford not to. they areç so dependent on the government getting together and writing some law that will disadvantage them, advantage their competitors or put them totally out of business. >> sean: senator, america clearly at a cross roads. thank you for coming. the anointed one made controversial comments about our war efforts in afghanistan. is he putting our security in jeopardy? colonel north just got back from afghanistan he joins us next. and a great, ziploc presents ziplogic. don't throw out your leftovers. save more of them in a snap, with ziploc containers with smartsnap. one press and it's completely sealed. get ziploc. and get more out of it. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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>> sean: we the president announced if december he was sending additional 30,000 troops to afghanistan many conservatives breathed a sigh of relief that he would not dessert our mission. since that time he has vowed to pull out of the country by the middle of next year. he did so again today in an interview with the australian broadcastingç network. he added we can't be there in perpetuity. with the change to our nuclear strategy and end game in afghanistan are we jeopardizing our national security? joining me lt. colonel oliver
12:24 am
north. you were there a long time how long? >> months. good to see you when i'm not wearing a flak jacket and helmet. >> sean: it is good. welcome back safe home. how many times have you been to iraq and afghanistan? >> that was my 21st trip to both theaters. >> sean: what is the difference this time? >> whatç you just said is important. he waited until december. stanley mcchrystal asked for those troops in july. he delayed so long our effort to stop this narco insurgery like what is going on in mexico. he waited so long to send them that now it is difficult to deal with the poppy harvest the opium that's how they fund corruption for people like provincial governors some related to the head of state there. it is how they fund theç ied manufacturing operations. now, what he is doing is
12:25 am
reaffirming that we're gonna pull out and basically leave the afghan national security forces in the lurch. >> sean: what does it mean when you put a deadline, timeline on an exit strategy as the president just did? >> we are in unexplored territory. there has never been a commander in chief announce he's sending troops and announced the deadline when he is withdrawing. he did that in the west point speech. what does that mean to our allies? we have 43ç other nations with us. afghan national security forces some of which are very good. i put them on my flank any time. some are very, very bad. there isn't time to train these forces if you start looking at what we are going to do is start pulling out you will not be able to adequately train them to deal with the anarchy that could ensue that brought the taliban to power the last time. >> sean: recent headlines. the president said this week, whether we like it or not, we
12:26 am
will remain the dominant military. he admits sanctions in iran are likely to fail.ç on the other hand he says that al-qaeda terrorist group, iran is a terror state but al-qaeda is pursuing nukes and would use them if they get them at the same time cutting back and making a bad deal with putin. >> not only cutting back on our nuclear arsenal but refusing to test new weapons in the lodge term, what you've got in the stockpile is less relevant than what you've got under development this is after all, very, very scientific stuff. you don't just snap your fingers and create a new cast of nuclear weapons and means of delivering them. what we have decidedç unilaterally, we are going to stop testing. we are not going to test any new nuclear weapons. this man, as commander in chief, is effectively said we are not going to take further advancements with space. not just intelligence, surveil license and reconnaissance. also not put -- surveillance
12:27 am
and reconnaissance. >> sean: churchill, chamberlain, peace in our time. carter vs. reagan, peace through strength, trust but verify and the appeasement policies of carter.ç for the prism of that history where does barack obama stand? >> one of the misstatements he made this week reaffirmed by his secretary of state hillary clinton, both ever saying, we are going to be the dominant military force as we've always been. i hate to tell them this. in 1941 we were not the dominant military force. it took us two years to gerd up to fight world war ii. -- first offensive operations in world war ii after pearl harbor didn't begin until august of 1942 we lostç every battle leading up to that we can't afford to lose the battles today. >> sean: senator mccain says the u.s. keeps pointing a lided gun at iran but failing
12:28 am
-- a loaded gun at iran but failing to pull the trigger. robert gates said he thinks they could have a nuclear weapon within a year what does that mean? >> first of all it is entirely likely they are going to have a nuclear weapon within a year. also likely you are going to end up with some kind of armed confrontation. maybe not be americans it may be the israelis. we willç be blamed. what is really important is, we could have stopped this. we could have -- >> sean: how? >> simply. any company that does any kind of business with iranian -- excuse me islamic revolutionary guard corp or any leadership there that company cannot do business in america. >> sean: last week the administration said islamic radicalism does not economist. >> guess what -- does not exist. >> guess what -- >> sean: all right, three quarters of the united states senators signed ledtim
12:29 am
rebuking president and his treatment of benjamin netanyahu and our closest ally in the mideast, israel. what is happening there? are we emboldening the enemies of the united states? this is a harsh indictment. do you think barack obama is-&fh emboldening america's enemies? do you think he's showing weakness? >> certainly and he's done that consistent lit. one of the few things that has changed in this administration is this president's willingness to be on see to adversaries and to walk away!f in that part of the world. no one can say it is because he's big on oil, because he's not in the oil business. it is his core philosophy of being anti-american. >> sean: tell us, this is a little child being rescued by our brave servicemen and women, tell us -- >> remarkable. a child brought into a special
12:30 am
forces camp. carried aboard the helicopter this is an armed rescue operation, 40 onest rescueç squadron, take the kids to the hospital in kandahar with his dad who is terrified from this whole experience. the dad is scared to debt. dad might have seen a helicopter before. one of the p 's said he might have shot at one before, he has never ridden in one, wra 50 miles-an-hour, 30 feet often deck, terrified. the kid's life is saved. that dad will never shoot at a helicopter again. >> sean: colonel, welcome home. when we come back. our great, great, great american panel, straight ahead. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board james taranto. senior writer at the daily caller s.e. cupp. he was a former pollster for president carter adviser to mcgovern's presidential campaign, iç still can't get over it. >> yeah but i was 21. i was young. i'm a big fan of his column, by the way. the best in the web. >> sean: more web research the lodgest column. how long is your column everyday? >> 2025 words. >> that's like a novella. >> my secret is my readers do research for me, free. they send e-mails with ideas it works out wondefully.ç >> sean: new poll, we had
12:36 am
senator thompson here. tax day shows americans people their dollars are being wasted. here's what i don't understand. 50% of people aren't paying taxes, households, 50% of households are. where does this end? 50% of people say tax rates are fair. 50% say it is not fair. the people that are paying say it is not fair. the people that are not paying say it's fair. where do we go from here, pat? >> first of all, remember a lot of people don't pay taxes are poor, they are olderç, people who can't -- we've always had a large percentage although now it has gotten to be very large. we have hedge fund people who make billions of dollars paying 15% rate. exxon last year paid no u.s. taxes. paid overseas taxes, no dollars. we have a real problem with people who don't. but, the larger problem is, you -- i said this to you when we were in atlanta.
12:37 am
you cannot have a divided society between those who get and those who give. >> sean:ç the reality is this is america today. >> it has become a class war. i don't know that the current administration is doing much to you sort of temper that kind of rhetoric or outlook. i think the interesting thing about these numbers is that yes people are angry at the tax system but it is divided down the middle between democrats and republicans. only 25% of the people think that the irs should be abolished. what i think this shows is americans are pragmatic when it comes to it, it is not ideology, it is not racism, the tea partiers aren'tç about -- they are about the bottom line. i don't think you can describe it in these angry words. >> i want to know who the 3% are who don't think their tax money is wasted. >> they are not paying tax. >> sean: i got a column,
12:38 am
u.s.a. today, yes i love paying taxes. patriots for taxes. >> who are these people? >> sean: we need military, we need to defend liberty and freedom there. is a role for government for a compassionate society help chih)en that need to be fed. the question is, when half the country is not paying and the other half is paying 60% when you add state, local taxes, vat tax. at what point do we stop the advancement of the human condition? >> the u.s.a. today piece i use odd to do op-eds for the "wall street journal" one of the things editors look for is people who take crazy contrarian positions. think find you one out of that 3%. nice job by the editors there. i think it is telling that what was the figure we put up 74% taxç dollars said tax dollars are waisted. higher than the percent that paid federal income taxes.
12:39 am
>> sean: what about tea parties across the country, anger, angst, frustration. people want limited government. rejecting obama's cradle to grave utopia, western european socialism. does it reflect at pots in -- at the polls in november? >> of course it is. i have a column that doug schoppe and i have coming out tomorrow on how -- on how to an very theç bloodbath. it is online tonight. it is basically argument, democrats need to embrace that larger agenda which what drives the s. getting the economy moving. fiscal discipline. [ talking over each other ] >> if they don't and we've said before there will be a reckoning. right now you have no idea where the bottom is politically this november. >> sean: powerful statement. we'll come back. first time to check in with
12:40 am
greta for a speak peek of whatç is coming up. >> greta: griff jenkins, tucker carlson, governor huckabee, dick morris, brett favre news that i know the viewers -- everyone is going to be mad at me when i tell them the news. >> sean: going to play again? >> greta: we have brett favre news that's as far as i'm going. you have to listen. i'm not giving any hints. >> sean: greta coming up 19 z from now. we continue with our g g g g g c
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for what they cost, it's definitely worth it. you'll never have a better chance to hear the songbird difference. try it you've nothing to lose and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. when i go to parties now with my songbird in i engage in conversation. i can't imagine life without songbird at this point. the quality of our life is so much better, so he's not allowed to take it off. life sounds beautiful. now there's no reason to miss any of it. call for your songbird flexfit now at the number below. or go online at >> sean: we continue with our great american panel. all three you are very upset, about the president's plan as it relates to nasa. buzz aldrin has responded to criticism of the new space plan. you are livid.
12:45 am
>> i am. because of the thing that i remember most as an 11-year-old boy, was john kennedy saying we are going to the mean and what happened in the 60s. american exceptionalism is being deacon instructed here. for us to give --ç deconstructed here. for us to give this up and hired out to the yets, the russians, chinese or whoever, for us to say we are not going to do this. the president's science adviser gave a speech saying it was okay not being number one and we should get used this is the problem i have most with my president. i know it is what doug schoen said the other day. american exceptionalism is the foundation of this country. we are not supposed to be like europe. people came here not to be. for us to give up our lead this isç the first time i've seen this -- >> sean: as a conservative, i want to see the space program continue for all the reasons you said that we've got to be
12:46 am
exceptional. should it become more private? should we incentivize on the private side? i'm out free market ideas. >> sounds like a great idea. the tricky marketing thin. he's raising the budget of the space program while cutting the constellation program. look, the bottom line is, armstrong,ç lovell are all against it. i had pleasure of having christmas dinner at his restaurant outside chicago this is not a grandstanding guy. if he is speaking out on this, it is because he thinks has to. >> fact that armstrong is peeking out is what is astonishing. aldrin -- armstrong is almost never heard from. >> sean: you use the term american exceptionalism. the president dismissed that awe [ talking over each other ] >> there's a train in the democratic party thatç upsets
12:47 am
me. people write books we should be more like europe. that we should be like this. this the better path of the future. it is not an american path and it doesn't work. i think the strain here on the space program, look we can't make more private enterprise in space. this is all of us together. [ talking over each other ] >> we have no rockets any more. >> i can't imagine what would this world look like but for the united states of america? >> better believe it. >> that makes usç exceptional. the fact we believe every person is endowed by their creator. we have talents and abilities, advance the cause for liberty we paid a big price for it. >> i have an idea as to how barack obama can bring back the space program, barack obama himself can go to the mean and apologize. >> i love it. >> i didn't say that taranto
12:48 am
said that we are not going to have any rockets left. >> krauthammer was talking about itç today. he rightly said this is pie in the sky kind of stuff. obama is talking about things he went wants to do in 2025. this guy has add he does. he needs to be focusing on jobs not the space program, jobs. >> sean: you think the intensity continues democrats lose the house and senate? >> i think it is going to be a reckoning in november. >> sean: a wrecking ball. wrecking ball reckonin.ç >> exactly >> i think they lose the house, the senate is iffy so many democratic seats are not up, but it could happen. >> fact that the senate is even possible there's such a big republican class. >> sean: good to see you,
12:49 am
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>> sean: cancer is one of the deadliest diseases affecting americans. my next guest says you can strength yourself from getting it in the first place. suzanne somers new book is out. i sat down with her earlier to discuss it. how areç you? great to see. >> good to see you. >> sean: every time i see you and your house. i know you are older because i grew up wanting to date you thinking you are the most beautiful woman on television. her husband is right there, by the way. you look terrific. and i keep asking what you are doing. every time you on the air i get inundated with e-mails saying why are you letting this woman pass on these controversial medical views. >> i'm a lightning rod, i don't know why. because i don't do itç the way everybody else does. that seems to make i'm upset.
12:54 am
i made a conscious choice a number of years ago that relative to aging, i was go to practice restoration rather than deterioration. restoration is putting back what you have lost in the aging process. deterioration is just allowing, you know things to fall apart. i'm in probably the best shape of my life. never been happier. >> sean: you look great. >> i feel great. >> sean: you really do. and your husband the same thing he looks terrific. i both takeç human growth hormone. >> you are going to get so many letters on this. nobody understands. he takes testosterone. i take estrogen everyday. and progesterone two weeks a month. hgh. >> sean: you are like a bunch of 18-year-olds. >> this is the big secret. the kids are out of house. i'm in the mood. >> sean: did everyone see my
12:55 am
face red, beet red. all the time? ofe taking? >> because i've restored myself. >> sean: this is your version of viagra. >> there has never been anything for women. yeah, if viagra does what hormones have done for me, then -- >> sean: you're killing me. you talk about curing cancer and how to strength getting it in the first place this is where people, you know say wait a minute. chemotherapy works, radiation works, surgery works. you're saying no. you could use that, but there's alternatives to look at. >> you can use. i was diagnosed withç lung cancer that metastasized throughout my whole body last november, frightening. >> sean: they made a mistake. >> huge mistake. i was offered full body chemotherapy when i turned it down they say you should think about getting your things in order. had i taken it, i would be
12:56 am
dead now. thank i was able to say this is not the way i want to go. what gave me hope in the hospital i said to my husband i have been keeping a file on doctors curing cancer. if i can get out of this hospital i want to see them.ç rather than get mad i started calling these doctors interviewing them and their pants. there -- and their patients. there are doctors having incredible success without harsh drugs. if chemo was so great everybody would be going you have cancer, no problem you can have keep movement you know they kill youfzj to save yu and it is expensive. i've been attacked by the otis brawley and the american cancer society and you know that i'm this information is =um to some degree. i don't agree. i keep saying to them, what have you accomplished from all the billions of dollars that we have thrown at cancer
12:57 am
research? in the last 55 years the death rate from cancer has dropped 5%. so i keep saying, they say we are making strides, what strides? >> sean: what cancers like hodgkin's, -- >> childhood leukemia. absolutely if i had one of those i would probably not are have testicular cancer, i've beenç told that i have -- >> sean: i've been embarrassed four times. your husband is eating this up. >> it is the irish thing. i'm sorry you bring out the worst in me >> sean: it is my fault, okay. how do you prevent getting cancer? intriguing thought that you can prevent it. most people think there are gene markers or predisposition in the dna, no? >> we think there is some invisible enemy out there. the is -- the environment is playing havoc with all of us. i asked a doctor in houston who has had a 60% successç rate
12:58 am
in the worst kind of brain tumors the kind that just killed ted kennedy. completing fda clinical trials phase ii. i said how do we get cancer? he said we all have cancer in us. we all have cancer protective genes they are like light switches turned on. and get turned off by certain dietary habits. one by chemicals in your food. you turn off one by poor food, you have to eat organic food. >> sean: you don't eat mcdonald's? >>ç poisons on it. >> sean: you don't like french fries. >> i wish they would use better oil. it is all rancid. >> sean: you like them and eat them? and you eat steak, right? >> have you seen food, inc? would you want to eat organic steak. >> sean: what about levin?
12:59 am
>> i've given up on levin, but i love him any way. not sleeping right, stressç, embalanced hormones all those things turn off the switches -- >> sean: i have no stress. >> i hear you on the radio in the afternoon. you're taping after hours right now. you have a family, driving your hybrid car, i know that. i know a lot about you. >> sean: i want to ask you how old you are? >> 60 three. >> sean: if i look -- if i look this good at 63 amazing. >> it is about keeping your insides young the way you think.ç i swear hormones have so much to do with it. >> sean: you can inject me first, all right. suzanne somers thank you for being with us. >> sean: always fun suzanne

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